Strax now, relax later

We're not mad at your gear storage... just disappointed. (So we made something better)

In your hands, you hold the next evolution of gear storage. Every rack is made of the equivalent of 200 recycled plastic bottles otherwise ending up in our landfills and environment!


Step  1: Find  an  open space on the wall (or take down that pointless wall hook) and mark where you would like your new Strax Rack(s) to live.

Step 2: Grab a power drill. If you don't have one, ask your neighbor kindly.

Step 3: Line up the black wood screw at the top and drill.

Step 4: Repeat on the bottom.

Step 5: Give your gear some love and display it on your new stunning rack(s).

Tips from the Pro's

 1. Two is ALWAYS better than one!! The unique helmet shelf design is also perfect for board storage:

 2. Time to grab your handy gloves, face mask beanie, flask or just about anything that'll fit in our patented bungee design:

  3. What about my boots? We've got just the home for those! Those entertaining folding hooks you're playing with, well each hook can store up to 40lbs (hope your boots are a little lighter). Toss on your poles, ski boots, cycling shoes, and just about anything that'll fit:

  4. So you still have lot's of gear. That's fine! We've maximized storage capacity on just about every surface of the rack:

 How's it made?

Here at Strax Gear, we like to break from convention and stand out from the crowd. Every product is a chance to express yourself. When you find your perfect Strax Rack or eco apparel, its story is different from any other and becomes yours to tell. Every Strax product started as plastic waste. We then hand-build and craft unique designs to create our high-quality products.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Customers are our #1 priority and we're known to do everything possible to make sure you're satisfied. If you have any types of questions or simply want someone to talk to, don't hesitate to contact us at or message us at 480-888-6186.