Our Reason for Being

Our Mission

We founded our company with the focus of creating inspiring products that help combat the detrimental effects to the environment from mass production. With an unwavering commitment to keep non-biodegradable materials out of landfills, rivers & the ocean we aim to be the flagship startup that causes a wave of innovation focusing on sustainable business practices to meet the values of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Through recycling old waste, we help to clean up the trash filling our environment while avoiding creating more. Together we will create a better tomorrow with yesterday's waste.


Our Focus

To create long-lasting premium products so you can spend more time doing what you love while preserving your gear. Our Icon is the space cadet and our flagship product is the Infinity Racks for a reason: We want to empower the people that take their hobbies seriously and let them proudly display their passions on a wall, not in a closet. Transcend your comfort zone and push the limits on what you thought was possible. 



 Our Efforts

While we want to be the most kick-ass outdoors company in the world, we also want to be conscientious in giving back to our communities and directly impacting the environment. With every Eco Apparel purchase we will plant a tree through One Tree Planted. With every milestone accomplished we will host community clean ups and use company savings to give back to non-profits and create fundraisers for communities impacted by natural disasters. As our company grows our vision does too. We hope to one day have scholarships and can continually provide free gear organizers for underfunded programs to cultivate the passions & dreams of the generations beneath us.