Limitless potential

Our Process
What we do

We repurposed plastic waste and turn it into versitile, durable racks and apparel. Save your gear, and we'll help save the environment. 

For Every Athlete


Without a doubt, these really are the best damn racks ever.

Jeremy Arena (Snowboarder)

The Strax Infinity Racks are truly designed with the adventurer in mind.

Sean Dicke (Skier)

The perfect solution for all your mountain biking and skiing gear.

John Andrews (Skier)

Displays and drys your gear in a classy way.

Tristan Dicke (Mt. Climber)

Whether you're into base jumping or need a place for your everyday things, these racks have you covered, hands down.

Nick Raccosta (Mt. Biker)

Maximum versatility, highest quality, wildly strong, easy installation, most sustainable, the list goes on...

Jacob Richardson (Climber)

Mountain biking, snowboarding, camping, skating, these racks do it all.

Matt Wade (Skater)

Put one up in my living room and everyone wanted on. Strax Gear is killing it!

Colton Williams (Adventurist)

It's 2020, time for your gear to come out of the closet fam!

Sam Boatman (Snowboarder)
Sustainable. Durable. Adventure Wear.