Join The Crew

We would not be where we are at today without all of our talented athletes out there. If you enjoy mountain biking, skiing, even base jumping or simply enjoy the outdoors become an ambassador! We are looking for talented and motivated individuals who pursue their dreams.

How does it work?

It's simple, your customers receive 5% off and you earn

up to 20% commission on every sale.


1. Apply to become an ambassador via the form below.

    Apply: The Strax Crew Application

2. Once your account is approved to become an ambassador you will be emailed a promo code for 15% off your first orderWe ask that you place an order ASAP so you can represent our brand wearing Strax Gear while you post pictures and videos of you doing what you love on social media.

3. You will receive a personalized referral link giving a 5% off promo code for others (firends/family) to use. You could be making between 5%-20% just for telling your followers, friends and family about the Strax Gear Infinity Rack! 


We highly recommend posting your referral link and @straxgear in your bio on social media to increase your potential sales. As an affiliate all we ask is that you post photos/videos of you doing what you love! Tag us and we will re-post!

For more information please refer to the FAQ below.
If you have any questions please Direct Message us on Instagram (quicker)
or send an email to (slower)!




What is an ambassador?

An ambassador is essentially a brand representative. You help spread Strax Gear's brand image and mission while earning some money for your sales!


 How does the commission work?

Every sale that you get utilizing your promo code or ambassador link will receive a 10% commission.


 Do I make commission when I buy myself merchandise?

No. When you buy yourself any merchandise you will not be awarded any commission. If it is displayed in your portal it will be revoked prior to payout.


 How best to sell?

Promote the Strax Gear Infinity Rack and Apparel through your own social media channels, talk to your followers, friends and family about purchasing Strax Gear products through our website using your personal referral code.


 How do I get my money?

After being approved, we will ask for your preferred method of payment. All payouts will be sent out in increments of $20. This can also be applied to store credit with no incremental restrictions.


 I applied to be an affiliate but haven't heard back from you. When can I expect to hear a response?

We try our best to review applications as soon as possible and typically respond within 24 hours. If you haven't heard from us within 24 hours don't worry we are getting to your application!


 Are there any other benefits from the ambassador program?

Yes! After being approved we will go over them with you to create your own custom program.


 Are there tiers to the ambassador program?

Coming Soon! We are building out the program now.